Sprint-Cass Pte Ltd has been established since 1983 and has proven itself to be a progressive and dynamic home-grown company in the IT & Consumer Electronics (CE) arena.

To pace with the growing needs of our customers and the ever changing market place, we have a dynamic management team with many years of management experience in the IT & CE Industry and a team of well-trained & motivated Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Staffs, who pride themselves in their performance-oriented and efficient approach.

Airport Retail Division

Sprint-Cass is a major retail operator in Singapore Changi International Airport and currently operates 5 Duty-Free shops retailing Digital Imaging, Computers & Electronics products in the Transit Areas of Terminals 1, 2, 3. In addition, there is 1 shop in the Public Area located at Terminal 2 (E-Gadget Mini).

The 6 retail outlets carry a wide array of electronic consumables ranging from Cameras, Computers, IT Peripherals, Games, Software to Lifestyle Electronics and Digital Imaging; and boast an impressive line of international brands: McGear, Energizer-Xpal, Sony, Bose and Philips among other prominent labels.

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Distribution Division

Sprint-Cass is a leading distributor of computer peripherals, accessories and consumables in the IT industry with Authorized Distributorships for international brands, such as MobileGear, McGear, Energizer-Xpal, Thomson, MiLi, Andino etc.

Over the years, Sprint-Cass has established a very strong network of business partnerships in many countries in the ASEAN, Middle-Eastern, European regions and the Indian sub-continent. Our customer base includes hundreds of customers both locally and in regional countries with our products listed in international airports. Sprint-Cass is also a specialised supplier to Travel Retail & Duty Free Channels in Asia & Middle East.

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