Neat USB Microphone A, B & C

Widget is a uniquely styled USB “plug and play” high definition microphone that can capture any sound source. Whether you are recording your favourite song, leading your world-renowned podcast or taking that important voice over internet conference call with your starship commander, Widget provides an unrivaled sonic signature usually found only in professional recording environment.

– Widget is ideal for podcast and voiceover, thanks to its integrated pop filter and internally shock mounted condenser capsule which minimizes the common problems associated with traditional microphone designs and also eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories.
– Widget's unmatched voice clarity and simple “plug and play” setup make it easy and convenient to achieve outstanding results.
– Widget's extended frequency response and high fidelity output (96kHz-24bit) help capture the subtitle details and naunce that makes up great recordings. The stand's adjustability can optimize the microphone placement for almost any sound source.
– Widget's easy “plug and play” setup provides a simple solution to Voice Over Internet Protocol conversations.

Technical Specs:
– Transducer : Internally shockmounted condenser capsule.
– Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
– Output: USB 1.1 – 2
– Sample Rate/Bit Depth: Up to 96kHz/24-bit