Oregon Scientific Beer Server (DOSBS17)

Creamy beer foam can be made easily!

Turn into bottled beer after installing this Beer server on the canned beer.

– Easy to Install
– EPowered by 2 pieces of AAA Alkaline Batteries (excluded)
*The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited to persons under the age of 18 (minors) under the law.
*This beer server is not guaranteed to be applicable to all kinds of canned beer.
– To taste and feel this beer foam!

How to use:
1) Open an iced canned beer and install the beer server on it.
*If the beer server is installed without opening the canned beer, it may be difficult to remove it from the can.
2) Pour the beer to a glass or cup carefully until it reaches 70% of the height.
3)Press the switch while pouring the beer to make the creamy foam. After finishing the beer, remove the can from the beer server by crushing the can and taking it out of the beer server.