TouchBeauty 3-In-1 Facial Beauty Device TB1767

Anti-ageing treatment to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the face.


– Three interchangeable head accessories

– Microcurrent technology

– Light therapy

– Anti-ageing treatment

– Acne treatment

– Ergonomic design

– Smart auto-timer

– Easy to use



– Includes three interchangeable head accessories to treat different skin concerns of the face.

– Microcurrent facial massage head pulls and tights the skin, promotes collagen regeneration in larger areas of the face.

– Microcurrent eyes and lips area head is suitable to use in specific areas of the eyes and smile lines to prevent and reduce fine lines.

– LED light therapy: red light, yellow light, blue light, and mixed light

– Red light prevents and reduces fine lines

– Blue light is suitable to prevent and reduce acne

– Yellow light is suitable to reduce dark spots and brighten the skin

– Mixed light provides complete skincare

– LCD screen displays battery level, functions, intensity levels and time, convenient and easy to use.

– Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold and easy to use.

– Smart auto-timer provides precise use.

– USB rechargeable battery, easy to charge and environmentally friendly