TouchBeauty 360º Heated Eyelash Curler TB1218

Beautifully curled eyelashes everywhere at anytime

– Comb-shaped tip

– 360º Rotary and hot comb

– Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation

– Provides a beautiful curl and extreme holding power

– Does not pinch or crimp the eyelashes

– USB rechargeable, environmentally friendly



– Comb-shaped tip helps to separate, curl, and style lashes without pinching or crimping.

– 360º Rotating comb heats and rotates to provide a long-lasting curl. Provides extreme holding power.

– Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation allows using the device with the left and right hand.

– Suitable to use with or without mascara for different needs.

– The device has a USB rechargeable battery, convenient and environmentally