TouchBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device TB1769

Multifunctional Skin Care Therapy – cleanses, massages, and rejuvenates the skin.


– Ultrasonic vibration technology

– Five adjustable vibration intensities

– Cleanses and exfoliates the skin

– Massages the face and boosts absorption

– Ergonomic design

– Touch and cordless operation

– Convenient storage and wireless charging base

– Water resistant

– USB rechargeable battery


– Features a gentle and safe metal spatula blade with two sides.

– The front side of the spatula blade: cleanses and exfoliates the skin.

– The back side of the spatula blade: massages the skin

– The device produces ultrasonic vibrations up to 35,000 HZ per second to efficiently cleanse and exfoliate the skin, removes blackheads, oils, flaky, and dead skin.

– The device provides five adjustable vibration intensities. Intensity level can be easily adjusted and adapts to different skin needs.

– The device massages the skin, increases blood circulation and increases the absorption of skincare products, such as creams and serums.

– Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold, and easy to use.

– Easy to use touch use and convenient cordless operation.

– Features a wireless charging base to store and charge the device.

– The device is water resistant, convenient to clean and use.

– USB rechargeable battery, easy to charge, environmentally friendly.