YA-MAN RF Tornado Roller

The unique Tornado-like undulating motion of the rollers will create a pinch & release kneading just like an aesthetician’s hand massage to effectively massage your concerned area. With the associated RF and EMS function, it can warm up the area from beneath the facial skin with RF and soften the fat as you give a kneading massage, and then work on the muscles underneath the fat by EMS for firming.

RF + Roller
(2 levels)
Red Effectively approaches the fat with RF warming and Tornado kneading.

Face EMS + Roller
(6 levels)
Blue Firm and lift the sagging facial skin by EMS and physical roller massage.

Body EMS + Roller
(6 levels)
Purple Drain the fat and firm the muscles by applying EMS and roller massage to the area pre-heated by RF.


IPX7 Waterproof rating, allowing you to use the device while you are in the showers

The cooling function will reduce the size of pores, and lock in moisture.