Oregon Scientific Projection Alarm Clock (RM512PA)

The RM512PA is a great value with all its features and portability This handy alarm clock is easy to use and perfect for travelling. It can either run via battery power or with the USB power cord.

The RM512PA has the convenience of 180° rotating arm which projects the time on any hard surface up to 6.5ft (2 m).
The LCD screen displays the current time, date and indoor temperature. A simple tap to the snooze button activates the backlight for easy viewing even at night.

The dual alarm function allows you to set two alarm times on a single clock keeping you on time whether it’s the weekday or weekend.  The 8-minute snooze function and snooze touch technology let’s you decide whether it’s time to get up or perhaps have a little snooze

– Radio-controlled clock
– 180°rotating projection arm
– Indoor temperature
– Alarm setting option (Set daily alarm with selection of Weekday (Mon – Fri) or Weekend (Sat – Sun)
– Time and date display
– LCD display with white backlight
– Powered by two (2) AAA batteries or USB

Available in Black and Grey