Andino PowerAIR™ 10 QC+PD



-Battery Type:  High Grade Polymer

-Capacity:  10,000mAh

-QC Micro USB Input:  5V/ 2.4A ~ 9V/ 2A (QC Adaptive)

-Type C Input:  5V/ 3A

-USB Output (QC):  5V/ 2.4A ~ 12V/ 1.5A (QC Adaptive)

-Type C Output (PD):  5V/ 3A ~ 12V/ 1.5A

-Wireless QI Output:  5V/ 1.3A | 9V/ 1.3A | 12V/ 1.25A
(15W max)

-Total Power:  18W Shared

-Charging Hour:  4 – 5.5h

-Auto Power

-Detection:  Integrated with Smart IC

-Dimension: 141mm x 69mm x 18.5mm

-Finishing:  Clear glass look housing with a pattern

-Colors:  Black and Navy Blue