YA-MAN RF Beauté Cavispa Core

Radio Frequency (RF)
Using a high power of 1 MHz radio frequency which replicates aesthetics professional use, with a patent-pending technology works by generating heat deep under the skin to promote metabolism by its hyper-thermal effect. This procedure enhances blood/lymph flow and is used for the purpose of fat reduction.

Cavitation (Cavi) Ultrasonic
Using high power 330 kHz Deep ultrasonic that is also used for professional cavitation machines. An extremely effective and non-invasive method of cellulite reduction.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)1-6 levels
Operates with EMS that effectively exercises the muscles. EMS mode can be used together or independently according to your skin condition. RF+EMS mode helps in draining waste from your body in achieving firming results.

IPX7 Waterproof rating, allowing you to use the device while you are in the showers