Oregon Scientific i-fresh NCCO (WS908)

Compact Air Sanitizing System for Car / Desktop

Product Benefits

1. Create the cleanest air for your car and desktop
– Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) technology is adapted to sanitize and reduce
harmful airborne substances such as allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and Volatile
Organic Compounds (VOC) efficiently.
– More effective and faster in removing pollutants and odors than using ion or active carbonbased.
clean air systems.
– No emission of harmful chemicals or particles into the air.

2. Portable and easy to recharge.
– This high performance that measures only 140mm in length. It does not take up leg room in
the car and is handy to carry around.
– Powered by car-charger and USB, making it versatile for use in cars, at work or anywhere
you go as long as you have access to a USB port.
– The power plug can be changed to an electric adaptor for home use (not included in the

3. Easy maintenance and highly cost-efficient.
– The filter will last up to 3 years and is easy to replace (give up on futile air fresheners!).

Additional information

The NCCO technology was developed by members of the Entrepreneurship Centre of the Hong Kong
University of Science and Technology. The NCCO filter system is a unique design with global
applications. It can quickly sanitize and reduce harmful substances in the air such as allergens, viruses, bacteria, fungi and Volatile Organic Compounds. Its most important feature is that no contaminated oxidants are released back into the air. Patented NCCO technology is considered one of the safest air sanitizing system available.

NCCO technology was awarded the Innovative Entrepreneur Prize in 2003. It is widely applied in government and commercial organizations, including airports, hospitals, offices, schools and refuse collection points.


– Nano-material reduces odors, dust and airborne bacteria efficiently
– No harmful emission of chemicals and particles into the air
– Long-life filter lasts up to 3 years
– Simple filter replacement
– Powered by car-charger or USB plug
– Smart light touch ON/OFF button with blue indicator
– Power consumption: 2.5W

Available in Grey and White